B 1.2 Navigation Systems and Orientation in Nature and in the City

Lukáš Honzík

  • The aim is to motivate the pupil to improve his orientation in space and in plain – in the nature and in the city not only using a map and GPS device. Together with his classmates, the pupil is able to solve problems and follow the given instructions, he practices his logical thinking.
  • He develops his competency for solving problems (he solves given tasks, is able to algorithmically follow the instructions, is able to think out similar simple task), information competency (he is able to search for the needed information, sort them according to their relevancy and choose the important ones), communicational competency (he express himself in oral and written form, formulates his thoughts) and social and personal competency (he works in a group, is able to enforce his opinion and support it with rational arguments, he accepts his classmates’ opinions, is able to evaluate achieved results).

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