D 4.1 Knitting Without Needles

Jarmila Honzíková

  • Cognitive objectives – to learn about yarn production, materials for making yarns.
  • Affective objectives – to accept the activity, to react positively to the tasks, to accept the topics, to develop concentration.
  • Psychomotor objectives – to practice fine motor skills, creative working.
  • Education objectives – to manage knitting without needles.
  • Development of learning competence – pupils will understand the terminology, will carry on experiments and organize their work.
  • Development of problem-solving competence – searching for information, solving the problems based on experience – transferring the technology on various topics, using the skill.
  • Development of communicative competence – they will communicate with their surroundings, make their positive imagination.
  • Development of work competence – they will use the materials and tools safely, they will understand the context of those activities.
  • Development of civil competence – pupils will respect other people and their opinions.


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