The World of Work project has completed the final part of creative stage of methodical materials, as well as its demonstration, testing and validation.

Methodical manual WOW has its printed form in 3 language mutations: in Slovak language called Technika, in Czech language called Učení pro život a práciand in German called Welt der Arbeit.

The process of demostration, testing and validation of methodical materials started in June 2017 and lasted till the end of November 2017. This process included several parts, which were related to each other:

The first part of the proces was the Training of trainers, which meant that our lecturers: Mr. Krotký University of West Bohemia) and Ms. Tošnerová (7th Primary School and Kindergarten in Plzeň) instructed 19 teachersfrom different schools in Slovakia and Czech Republic, on how to use the methodical manual, how to train teachers and teach pupils in the classroom. 100% of the trained teachers - trainers declared in the feedbacks filled in after the trainings that they have met their expectations.

The second part of the process (October and November 2017) was 85 Creative workshops in which the 19 trainers  trained 452 teachers and taught 609 pupils from Slovak and Czech republic. 94,5% of the teachers and 96% of the pupils declared that the creative workshops have improved their skills, level of competencies and knowledge.

As well, 389 parents were  informed during Information meetings. 99% of parents declared that creative workshops improved awareness about the subject of World of Work area.

Final output of the project on-line platform will be finished in a few months (March/April 2018). The on-line platform will be the part of our website, where all language versions of  methodical manual, as well as 10 instructive videos will be uploaded. All teachers will be able to download them after simple regstration. 10 instructive videos will  help teachers and pupils with realization of practical tasks and activities from the methodical manual. You can see the sample of the instructive video for the topic A 6.2 We build Log Cabins here:

You can find detailed content of the methodical manual on the webside in the section Project Results


You can see the selection of topics from each chapter here:


A Wood, Metals and Plastics

A 2.1 Marco Spurk: Adhesives – Substances which Connect (US)

A 2.2 Jitka Štrofová, Milan Kraitr: Simulation of Papermaking (ZUP)

A 5.2 Jan Fadrhonc ,Jan Král: 3D Modeling and 3D Space Orientation (ZUP)

A 6.1 Franz Kranzinger: Designing Electrical Circuits (MM)


B Man, Technology and Electricity

B 1.1 Marcus Brändle: Renewable Energy Sources (US)

B 1.2 Lukáš Honzík: Navigation and Orientation in Nature and in the City (ZUP)

B 5.1 Karl Heller, Bernhard Horlacher: Smartphone Applications  (e.g. Sensors) (MM)

B 6.2 Daniel Aichinger, Jan Krotký:  Heating and Air Conditioning with Regard to Energy Saving (ZUP)


C Man and Work

C 1.1 Jan Krotký: Study or Work? What to Do After Primary School? (ZUP)

C 2.2 Daniel Aichinger, Tomáš Kanta, Kateřina Tomisová: Workshop on Writing a CV and Applying for a Job  (ZUP)


D Family and Household

D 3.1 Milan Kraiter, Václav Hrdlička: Food Production Principles and Food Processing in a Household (ZUP)

D 4.1 Jarmila Honzíková: Working with Textiles - Knitting Without Needles (ZUP)

D 5.1 Petr Simbartl, Eva Korálová: How to Buy Real Estate (ZUP)

D 6.1 Daniel Aichinger, Petr Simbartl, Lukáš Štich: Urban Gardening and Home Growing of Vegetable in Flowerpots, Small Herb Garden (ZUP)