Project results

The WOW project achieved a number of results: 4 intellectual outputs, as well as organisation of training of teachers, creative workshops for teachers and pupils and informative meetings for parents in Slovakia and Czech Republic.


  • Intellectual output O1 WOW Research

The Intellectual output O1 – WOW Research was done in the period September 2015 - November 2015. Leading partner University of West Bohemia in Plzeň prepared and evaluated survey based questionnaire. University in Plzeň, together with 5 partners - Dr. Josef RAABE Slovensko, The Stuttgart University, MiNe-MINT e.V.,Secondary Private School of Design and The 7th Primary School and Kindergarten Plzeň responded on questionnaire questions. 

The final result which is a comprehensive report on state of art in educational area World of Work in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany can be seen bellow. Czech and German authors suggested topics for the methodical manual World of Work according to this survey.

WOW Research

  • Intellectual output O2 – WOW methodical materials

The final printed version of the methodical materials (methodical manual) was finished in June 2017. It was created based on findings and recommendations of both internal and external evaluations in the first half of the year 2017. The teachers and researchers from the West Bohemia University created 27 topics, University Stuttgart created 10 topics and Mine Mint drafted and developed 9 topics.

Methodical manual WORLD OF WORK

Number of pages: ca. 800

Format: A4

Type of product: card index

Authors: Universität Stuttgart (US), MiNe-MINT e.V. (MM),
The University of West Bohemia in Plzeň (ZUP)

The individual topics are written as a project including their methodical and practical part. They are divided into the chapters: Wood, Metals and Plastics, Man, Technology and Electricity, Man and Work, Family and Housekeeping. Each topic starts with a synoptic table containing the following information: the topic title, the recommended year, the project goals and the development of competences and inter-subject relations. The topics are managed in order to make it easier for teachers to prepare their lessons and especially the work during lessons. The teacher using these materials will gain time which he can dedicate to work individually with pupils. The ideas for practical activities for pupils form a part of the methodical work. Each of the processed topics includes a variety of different alternatives to the practical activities and other attractive activities, so that these can be put in practise at any school regardless of its material or technical equipment.

WOW videos are the results from creative workshops. 10 instructional videos will help teachers and pupils with realization of practical tasks and activities from the methodical manual. Videos are used and uploaded on the online platform and can be downloaded after simple registration and login.

The online platform for teachers, pupils and their parents contains methodical materials, videos, descriptions and other useful materials, including links to social networks. It is a part of the website and is created as an open education resource. The methodical materials and videos can be printed and downloaded after simple registration and login.



The process of demostration, testing and validation of methodical materials started in June 2017 and lasted till the end of November 2017. This process included several parts, which were related to each other:

The first part of the proces was the Training of trainers, which meant that our lecturers: Mr. Krotký University of West Bohemia) and Ms. Tošnerová (7th Primary School and Kindergarten in Plzeň) instructed 19 teachers from different schools in Slovakia and Czech Republic, on how to use the methodical manual, how to train teachers and teach pupils in the classroom. 100% of the trained teachers - trainers declared in the feedbacks filled in after the trainings that they have met their expectations.

The second part of the process (October and November 2017) was 85 Creative workshops in which the 19 trainers trained 452 teachers and taught 609 pupils from Slovak and Czech Republic. 94,5% of the teachers and 96% of the pupils declared that the creative workshops have improved their skills, level of competencies and knowledge.

As well, 389 parents were informed during Information meetings. 99% of parents declared that creative workshops improved awareness about the subject of World of Work area.